A few nuggets from the Steve Jobs Theater’s live stream

In preparation for today’s event, Apple Marketing is having a bunch of fun with the feed from the Steve Jobs Theater.

First things first, the “It’s Show Time” event will occur at 10a PT (1p ET) today. You can watch the livestream via this link, or via the Apple Events app on your Apple TV.

Til about 645a PT (945 ET) this morning, the livestream was serving up all sorts of fun Easter eggs, highlighted by an Apple Maps narrated drive from Hollywood to Cupertino. I’m guessing the drive was GPS spoofed in some way, and not from an actual drive, but it was fun to follow.

At one point, Captain America called in to the feed, which makes me wonder if Chris Evans will be in the audience.

And then there’s this mystery high school performer with the amazing voice, who also popped into the feed.

I recognized her instantly, but no spoilers if you want to guess who she is. To check your answer, here’s the original video this comes from.

Once the car arrived at The Steve Jobs Theater, the feed went back to its default, a simple spotlight on the Apple logo.

I have to say, this was a lot of fun. Apple event marketing has really upped their game. Way to build interest and excitement for today’s event.