Apple: Addressing Spotify’s claims

If you’re new to this fight, take a look at Spotify posts their specific gripes about Apple and the App Store.

Shots fired across Apple’s bow.

Spotify’s post was two days ago. Yesterday, Apple fired back:

What Spotify is demanding is something very different. After using the App Store for years to dramatically grow their business, Spotify seeks to keep all the benefits of the App Store ecosystem — including the substantial revenue that they draw from the App Store’s customers — without making any contributions to that marketplace. At the same time, they distribute the music you love while making ever-smaller contributions to the artists, musicians and songwriters who create it — even going so far as to take these creators to court.

Does Spotify pay Apple to be in the App Store? Try this exercise:

  • Launch the Spotify app
  • Logout (if you already have an account) and create a new account
  • Jump through a few hoops, then tap the Premium tab at the bottom of the screen
  • You’ll see a message that says “You can’t upgrade to Premium in the app”

So Spotify is complaining about a tax that they do not pay.

Add in the fact that Spotify is fighting the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board ruling that would increase payouts to songwriters by 44%. Notably, Apple is on board with the royalty increase.

To me, both of these things just get in the way of any valid points Spotify might be making. Not a good look.

Take the time to read Apple’s Addressing Spotify’s claims post. It’s well crafted and, to me, legitimate.