Verizon takes aim at Tumblr’s kneecaps, bans all adult content

Peter Bright, Ars Technica:

Oath, the Verizon subsidiary that owns the Yahoo and AOL digital media brands, has announced that as of December 17, all adult content will be banned from the Tumblr blogging site. Any still or moving images displaying real-life human genitals or female nipples and any content—even drawn or computer-generated artwork—depicting any sexual acts will be prohibited.

Here’s a link to the Tumblr Help Center post that lays all this out.

On how much of Tumblr is dedicated to porn:

Nowadays, pornography represents a substantial element of Tumblr’s content. A 2013 estimate said that around 11 percent of the site’s 200,000 most-visited domains were porn, and some 22 percent of inbound links were from adult sites.

Supposedly, the porn detection will all be automated. That’s an oddly specific machine learning problem to solve. I can’t help but think that oddly specific knowledge will wind up getting used outside of Tumblr. What could go wrong?