100 new iOS 12 features/changes

Jeff Benjamin, 9to5Mac, does a fantastic job digging through iOS 12 to show off what’s new. If you have to pick one video to wrap your head around iOS 12’s new chewy goodness, this is the best one I’ve yet come across.

One standout from the video occurs very near the beginning, when Jeff runs a GeekBench benchmark test on two identical phones, one running iOS 11.4 and another running the first beta of iOS 12. iOS 12 shows some clear speed improvements.

I’ve been watching a number of videos testing this delta from iOS 11.4 to iOS 12 and most of the performance improvements Apple promised show up in all of them in one form or another. One video, dedicated exclusively to the iPhone 5S, clearly shows Apple has paid attention to older devices, making sure those speedups carry a good way back in the product line.