Apple is changing the process of downloading a copy of everything it knows about you

A few weeks ago, we linked to an article that talked you through the process of requesting a copy of the data Apple associates with your AppleID. In a nutshell, that process had you jump through hoops to identify your location, then fill out a form requesting your data.

Apple just made the process both easier and more logical for EU users, and according to this post from Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac, the new process “will roll out worldwide in the coming months”.

No matter your location, follow this link, to, and log in with your Apple ID. All users should see options to correct your data and permanently delete your account.

If you don’t see the ability to download your data, check back in periodically. If you are outside the EU and see the download link, please do ping me so I can update this post. And take a look at Benjamin’s article, linked above, to get a sense of what data is being made available.

This is part of the process of complying with GDPR, but I like how front and center Apple has placed the ability to delete your account.