20 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iMac

It seems hard to believe that it was 20 years ago when Steve Jobs introduced the world to iMac. For me, that first iMac computer changed the history of what Apple was to become—one of the most significant, most innovative companies in ever.

The original iMac popularized technologies like USB in computers, and help end others like the floppy drive. I remember being so happy to see Apple go back to its all-in-one roots with the iMac, but they did so much more than copy an old idea.

Apple reinvented what it meant to have a computer. It wasn’t a beige box you hid under your desk; it was an atheistically pleasing piece of your home or workplace that people were eager to show off. That philosophy has been with iMac for the last 20 years.

Of course, technology has changed a lot since that first iMac, but the principles of design and functionality have remained, especially for that line of computers. Every iteration and significant design change brought its moments, but all were well received.

I remember when Jobs introduced the “Lamp” iMac in 2002. He showed a picture of the original iMac and said they wanted to make it thinner, but it wasn’t possible to just cut the back off the iMac and have it just be a screen. Of course, years later, that’s precisely what happened. That is the iMac we have today.

People have asked me over the years what is my favorite iMac. I have to say its the original because I believe it saved the company. That gave Apple the room to invent iPod, iPhone, MacBook and all of the other products. Without iMac, Apple would not be the company it is today.

Tim Cook tweeted this morning: