Elon Musk: A flufferbot caused the Tesla Model 3 delays

Elon Musk, from the Tesla earnings call:

We had these fiberglass mats on the top of the battery pack. They’re basically fluff. So we tried to automate the placement and bonding of fluff to the top of the battery pack. Which is ridiculous.

So we had this weird flufferbot. Which was really an incredibly difficult machine to make work. Machines are not good at picking up pieces of fluff. Human hands are way better at doing that. So we had a super-complicated machine. Using a vision system to try to put a piece of fluff on a battery pack. …

The line kept breaking down because Flufferbot would frequently just fail to pick up the fluff. Or put it in a random location.

Over-automation with a delightful name. Good article.

[H/T John Kordyback]