Plover: Simple, clever, and free, in-browser transfer of large files

Have some large files you’d like to send? Too big for email and don’t want to have to sign-up for a service like DropBox? Check out Plover.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the website,
  • When the page loads, note that you’ll be an animal in a location

For example, I just loaded the page and found that I am a panther in blue-foreign-spring. All I need to do is grab a link to this page and text it to a friend. When they follow the link, they’ll appear on the same page as a different animal.

To construct the link to the current page:

  • Append the location to

In my case, the link to my page would be There’s also a link to the room on the page you can control-click and copy. Either works.

Once you see your friend’s animal appear on the page, drag and drop a file on their animal, or click their animal and browse/choose a file.

Easy peasy. Try it yourself. You can open a second browser tab, head to, and you’ll get a second animal in the same location. Drag a file to send it from yourself to yourself. Not particularly useful, but it’ll show you how this works.

Big fan. Nicely done, Plover. Podcasters with big audio files, give this a try, let me know if this works for you.