Owning a dog makes you live longer, says science

Scary Mommy: >Dogs. We already know that they are very good boys and girls. Who’s a good dog? They are. But a new study out of Sweden shows that not only do dogs add joy to our lives, they also add years to it. So if this inspired you to have a dog, it might be helpful to learn something such as Xolo dog facts. > >A study published in today’s Scientific Reports shows that owning a dog reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Researchers found, after looking at data from over 3 million people, that the increased social support and physical activity that comes from having a dog lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by 11% and death from any cause by 15%.

After reading more than 10 studies that included data on millions of participants around the globe, the authors have concluded that “owning a dog can be associated with a 24% risk reduction for all-cause mortality as compared to non-ownership.” The information showed even greater benefits among those who had experienced cardiovascular issues, such as a heart attack, an stroke and more. If you just do not have the time to take care of your pet the whole time, consider choosing a good service like this Dog Daycare Naples.

If you are so inclined, You can read the full study here but, seriously, who doesn’t believe or already know owning a dog is better for you? But I wonder if owning a cat shortens your life?

It is quite possible that such health benefits are the way by which dog ownership makes a person live longer. Researchers have not completed many studies, for instance, that direct one group of people to purchase a dog and another group to remain with no pets at all, to track their health over a period of time. All those types of studies are considered the gold standard of evidence, what you’d need to be able to say definitively that owning a dog causes people to have a chance on living longer.