The iPhone X is sold out, currently offering delivery 5-6 weeks out

The iPhone X opened for pre-orders early this morning (just after midnight PT).

In the first few minutes, folks were getting November 3rd ship dates. I’ve gotten feedback from folks who used the online Apple Store, as well as AT&T and Verizon. Some international reports as well, obviously via other carriers. No reports of T-Mobile orders delivering on Nov 3, though that could simply be the small sample size.

About 15 minutes in, the ship dates slipped first to 1-2 weeks, then 2-3 weeks. By this morning, delivery was 5-6 weeks out.

From this Bloomberg article, from yesterday afternoon:

Given reported production bottlenecks, iPhone X delivery times will be four to six weeks by 8 a.m. New York time and should remain largely unchanged in the following days, said Gene Munster, a veteran Apple analyst and co-founder of VC firm Loup Ventures.

IPhone X demand and supply should sync about three to four months after launch, while it typically takes two to three months for a new iPhone to reach global supply-demand equilibrium, Munster added in a note to clients on Thursday.

Take that with a grain of salt, but an interesting projection.

And, if you have plenty of cash and don’t mind soiling your soul a bit, there’s always eBay, Craigs List, etc., with no shortage of locked in price gouging iPhone X pre-orders for sale.