ShotBox by Josh Parnham

Daniel Jalkut was asking on Twitter about screenshot apps.

He got a bunch of responses for many different apps. Macfixer suggested one I hadn’t heard about:

So I checked it out. The developer, Josh Parnham, says:

After taking a screenshot with the system keyboard shortcuts (⌘⇧3 and ⌘⇧4), a window will pop up allowing you to quickly share, edit or delete that screenshot without needing to hunt around your desktop for it first.

I was sold immediately. I went to the Mac App Store, ready to plop down $5 for the “Delete Screenshot” feature alone. Low and behold, the app is free. On his website, Josh says:

If you enjoy using it please feel free to buy me a coffee! ☕️❤️

I’ve already sent him the $5 AUD.