Official Equifax statement on massive hack, execs sell off stock before announcement

  1. Here’s the official Equifax post about the massive hack.

  2. Here’s the official site Equifax set up to see if your information was exposed. Beware of other sites masquerading as the real deal. I do not understand why they didn’t go with a subdomain, such as or some such. More to the point, I don’t understand why you have to enroll in their service to see if you are affected, even if it is free.

  3. Three Equifax execs sold almost $2 million of stock after the breach, but before the announcement. Even assuming they were not aware of the breach when they sold their stock, they will still benefit from a situation of their own making.

Not crazy about the way this is playing out.

UPDATE: According to this tweet, if you sign up with Equifax to check to see if your information was compromised, you waive your rights to sue Equifax or to be part of a class action suit. Can this be correct? [H/T @varunorcv]