Most U.S. households have ditched landlines for mobile phones


A recently released survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that during the second half of 2016 50.8 percent of U.S. households were wireless only. That’s up from 48.3 percent during the same time period in 2015—a rise of 2.5 percentage points.

I bet many of you have as well. I still have one if only because I live in the boondocks and cell service sucks but, as soon as I move back to the Big City, I’ll dump the landline.

The funniest part of this study was:

Mobile-only folks tend to be smokers and binge drinkers, as NPR reported.

In the May 2017 study, the CDC said that “adults who had at least one heavy drinking day in the past year was substantially higher among wireless-only adults”

Seriously? That’s how you define a “binge drinker”? One heavy drinking day per year? I’d call that a slacker.