Want a Mac Pro? Build a Hackintosh, way faster

Have your heart set on a speedy new Mac Pro? Given that nothing appears to be on the horizon from Apple, your best bet is to build your own Hackintosh. For about $2,000 you can have a tower machine that will run macOS, Windows, and Linux, with benchmarks way faster than the fastest Mac Pro Apple currently sells.

Here are two case studies to help ease the learning curve:

Both builds are based on the excellent TonyMacX86 build guides. The TonyMacX86 site is an incredible resource, one that cannot be appreciated enough. Before you take on your own Hackintosh build, take some time to go through the site, get your head around all the resources available there. And if the site serves you, consider making a donation (home page, upper left corner).

I’d also make your way through both of the Dan case studies above just to get a sense of the process and, most importantly, to understand the caveats that come with building a Hackintosh.

As Dan Counsell says at the end of his writeup:

I’ve been running this machine for a couple of weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s super fast and I can easily switch between Mac and Windows. I’ve switched off auto-updates in Sierra. While system updates should work just fine, I prefer to hold off until the community over at tonymacx86 have confirmed there are no issues. This is probably one of the major drawbacks to running a Hackintosh.

Caveat emptor. Have fun. Tweet at me if you build or start to build your own Hackintosh.