Growing a different Apple

Vindu Goel, New York Times:

Founded in 2014 by three former senior managers from Apple’s iPod and iPhone groups, Pearl has tried to replicate what its leaders view as the best parts of Apple’s culture, like its fanatical dedication to quality and beautiful design. But the founders also consciously rejected some of the less appealing aspects of life at Apple, like its legendary secrecy and top-down management style.

This story is about trying to create a new company from the seeds of Apple’s approach and culture, but without the deeply compartmentalized secrecy for which Apple is so famous.

Pearly is best known for a product called RearVision, a backup camera add-on for cars without a factory installed system.

Interesting approach to product (building things for older model and lower-tier cars, a retrofit, aftermarket approach), very different from Apple and, also, very different from Nest, a company with which they are often compared. I am a fan of RearVision and look forward to see what new, first-to-market products emerge from Pearl.