Behind Apple’s new “Frankenstein” holiday ad

Fast Company:

It opens in a snow-covered, remote mountain town. A man with a deep, gravelly voice is recording a music box tune on his iPhone. This guy looks familiar, in more ways than one. As he trudges through the snow to pick up a package, it becomes clear it’s the legendary Frankenstein (and Brad Garrett under some pretty heavy make-up) making some mystery preparations. As he makes his way to the town square, it soon becomes apparent Frankenstein is getting up the courage to offer up his own special festive contribution proceedings.

In the end, we get a message of inclusion and hope, topped with the tagline “Open Your Heart to Everyone.” It’s a message not unfamiliar to holiday advertising, but one that hits an especially strong chord amid the post-election uproar. This is the fourth year in a row that Apple has welcomed the Christmas season with a very British-flavored approach to the holidays—one that aims for your heartstrings as much as your wallet.

In one of his first interviews since joining the company late last year, I spoke to Vice President of Marketing Tor Myhren about the strategy behind the new holiday spot.

The pedant in me wants to remind everyone that “Frankenstein” was the creator’s name. The monster didn’t have a name. Don’t worry – I’ll see myself out.