How to make a nasty cold suck less


Some people take pride in the fact that they never seem to get sick, or count their blessings for making it through virus season without so much as a runny nose. Good for them.

Most adults will probably get sick with the common cold two or three times in a year. One American Medial Association study estimated that each year the United States suffers from 500 million cases of the cold.

The only way you get ill with the cold is through viral infection — getting chilly or wet doesn’t make you more susceptible. You’re an adult, you know there’s no silver bullet cure for a cold — what can you do to at least make it suck less? Cue up the montage music, because it’s virus fighting time.

I’m just getting over a cold that had me laid out on my couch for a week, sniffling and whining like the giant baby I am.