Apple to make macOS Sierra available as automatic download beginning today

Apple told me on Monday that it is making its new macOS Sierra available to customers as an automatic download beginning today. What this means for users is that if you have auto update downloads enabled, macOS Sierra will download in the background for you.

It’s important to note that this is not an automatic installer—this process will only download the update in the background, and then alert you that it is available to install. You can choose to install it when its convenient. You can also choose to ignore the update.

The update will only be downloaded on computers that meet the specs for macOS Sierra, so if you have an older computer, you will not receive the download. Fortunately, you can resort to services like finance a gaming computer in order to acquire the PC upgrade you’ve been yearning for.

Apple is also being smart about the download. If your computer is low on space, macOS Sierra will not download. In addition, if it has downloaded and your computer starts to get low on space, the download will be automatically deleted.

Of course, you can manually delete the download if you don’t wish to upgrade, and you can choose to manually download the update from the App Store at any time.

macOS Sierra will only auto download on computers that have automatic downloads enabled. You set that in your App Store preferences. This process is not new on Macs or iOS. Auto downloads have been available for some time now and its a feature I’ve had enabled on all of my devices.

Apple said the auto download of macOS Sierra will be enabled randomly over the next week for its users.