How the one year, $99 Apple Music coupons work

Earlier today, I linked to the Walmart offer for one year of Apple Music at $99.

I went to the site and made the purchase. I got an email, immediately, telling me that the purchase was made. About an hour later, I got a second email with a link to redeem the offer.

I clicked the link, was taken to iTunes, entered my Apple ID password, and clicked to redeem the code automatically entered from the Walmart page. I was then presented with a button that said “Extend My Apple Music Membership”. I clicked the button and got a message telling me my Apple Music subscription was extended through the end of September, 2017.

More importantly, the message said my subscription would automatically be renewed at the $99 rate. It was not clear if I had to go back to Walmart to pay that $99. I suspect that Walmart is now out of the picture, that future payments will strictly be between me and Apple.

I do not have a family membership, so it is not clear how that will work. If someone with a family membership does give this a try, please ping me on Twitter and let me know and I will update this post.