iCloud Tabs not working in your macOS Sierra beta? Here’s a fix.

While my macOS Sierra beta has been pretty rock solid, there is one feature that has stopped working for me. If I click the iCloud Tabs button (the icon of two overlaid squares in the upper-right corner of the Safari window), Safari should open a view that shows all the Safari tabs in my current window, as well as the Safari tabs in my other nearby iOS devices.

For me, the macOS tabs show up just fine, but the iCloud tabs do not appear. I depend on this feature, so I dug around the net to find a workaround while I waited for the Sierra beta that fixed this problem.

Here’s the workaround I used:

  • In your Mac Safari menu bar, select View > Customize Toolbar…
  • Find the iCloud Tabs item (should be the second item in the top row).
  • Drag the iCloud Tabs item down into the toolbar towards the bottom of the window, placing it where you want it to appear.
  • Click Done.

With that new item in place, a click on the cloud icon will reveal the iCloud Tabs on your other devices. Not quite as nice as the original, but it’ll do until that feature gets fixed.

To be clear, I’ve got no issue with having to do this. This is the one and only issue I’ve encountered running this beta (knocking on wood). Props to the Sierra team. Well done.