Everything new in iOS beta 2

Not to be confused with yesterday’s MacRumors-linking post, this is a more extensive walk through the iOS 10 beta 2 change-log. Lots of detail.

One of the most interesting features is the new Settings → General → Accessibility → Home Button → Rest Finger to Unlock setting that lets you unlock your phone by touching (rather than pressing) the home button.

From this writeup by Christian Zibreg:

When an iOS device is unlocked, the OS gives apps access to encrypted data.

As a result, launching Camera from the Lock screen of an unlocked device gives you unrestricted access to the whole Photos library as opposed to showing only the images taken during that particular session if you launch Camera from the Lock screen of a locked device.

Here’s another example.

For security reasons, many people prevent Lock screen access for the Notification Center. As much as this great for preventing someone from sniffing around your Notification Center, it’s also a nuisance as reading your incoming alerts requires you to unlock the device.

There’s another example in Christian’s post, and I’m sure a lot more examples beyond that. I wonder what use case brought this feature to the table in the first case.