The Apple Watch is being shunned by Apple’s most important community. Umm, no.

Business Insider ran the headline: “The Apple Watch is being shunned by Apple’s most important community”.

The implication being that developers have lost interest in building Apple Watch apps. From the article:

Apple developers aren’t very interested in writing apps for the Watch these days, says Tim Anglade, an app developer and VP for mobile database Realm.

About 100,000 app developers use Realm’s database in apps used by about 1 billion people, Anglade says. This gives Realm a unique vantage point in seeing which devices have captured mobile developers’ interest and which have not.

Watch in 2016? Not so much.

This is based on a specific quote from Anglade:

“tvOS is a brand new platform so there’s a gold rush for it,” Anglade says. Developers want to get established with their tvOS grab market share for their apps.

“On a weekly basis we’re seeing very few Watch apps, compared to iOS apps,” he says. “For every 1,000 new iOS apps being built, there are 10 tvOS apps and maybe 1 Watch app.”

Let’s assume for the moment that Anglade’s numbers are accurate and that they represent the larger world than just those developers who use Realm’s services. This comment captures a moment in time, a natural lull for the Apple Watch as we wait to see what major changes lie in store for Apple Watch, with WWDC just around the corner.

If WWDC means a lull, why isn’t there one for iPhone? The iPhone platform is well established and stable. It’s clear that any changes that come along, no matter how seismic, won’t derail most existing iPhone projects. With Apple Watch, it’s clear that a big left turn is coming, that the basic underlying assumptions are potentially going to change. This is a wait and see moment.

The way I read this, this isn’t a shunning, it’s taking a beat, waiting for direction.