Using Apple Music’s “A-List” to find new music

I mentioned in a previous article how I was using Apple Music’s curated radio stations (specifically the Hard Rock station) to find new music on the service. For the last little while, I’ve also been using Apple Music’s “A-List: Hard Rock” as a way to find music.

The curated Hard Rock station is a mix of songs–some you know, others that will be brand new to you. It’s a great way to listen to music if you want some familiarity, along with a mix of songs that Apple deems to be the best of the new music.

The “A-List: Hard Rock” is a playlist, not a station, and it’s focused only on new music. After looking at the list of songs, I found that many of the new songs I found on the Hard Rock station were listed here–and I found a few others too.

“A-List: Hard Rock” is basically a shortcut into finding the newest Hard Rock trends. What’s more, Apple has “A-List” playlists for many of the music genres, so you can pick your favorite by going to “New > Genre” and have a listen.

I’m not always in the mood to just listen to new music–most of the time, the Hard Rock station suits my needs with a mix of both. When I really want to listen to mostly songs I know, I’ll start my own station based on one of my favorite songs.

Whatever your listening habits, you can find new music on Apple Music using the curated stations or the “A-List” playlists.