On the possibility of embedding Apple Maps in your own web pages

Benjamin Mayo, writing for 9to5Mac:

Apple seems to be preparing to announce a web version of its MapKit framework, allowing anyone to embed an Apple Map view into a web page. On the WWDC microsite, Apple has embedded its own map object in the page to show attendees how to get between Moscone West and the Bill Civic auditorium, where the Monday keynote will be held. Looking at the code, it appears Apple wants to make this embeddable map a public API in the (near?) future so anyone could add an Apple Map to their website.

Great analysis. Looks that way to me, too. To see this for yourself, go to the Attending WWDC page on your Mac, then select Develop > Show Page Source (or however you view source in your particular setup).

One key file to look at is Scripts > maps.js. Lots to process here, but at the very least, note the apiKey at the very top. Is this new?

Developers have long been able to embed Apple Maps in their apps, but the ability to embed an Apple Map in a public web page would be a big step forward.