Om Malik reflects on ten years of Twitter

Two solid reads from Om Malik:

Back on July 15th, 2006, Om posted this article, introducing the world to a new service called Twttr:

Twttr is a new mobile social networking application written by Noah Glass (and team), an Odeo-guy, a long time compadre of Blogger founder Ev Williams. (Twttr is a side project.) It is not a very complicated application – and which is what makes it so addictive and at the same time annoying.

Twttr has married Short Code Messaging, SMS with a way to create social groups. By sending a text message to a short code (for TWTTR) you can send your location information, your mood information or whatever and share it with people who are on your social-mob! Best part – no installation necessary!

And, shifting to present tense, Om sent out this blog post: 10 years later and I still #LoveTwitter.

I enjoyed the look back and can identify with Om’s love for Twitter.