“Facebook Reactions”, the totally redesigned Like button, is here


Your news feed is about to get a lot more expressive. After months of user testing in a handful of countries, Facebook today is releasing “Reactions” to the rest of the world. The feature isn’t so much a new tool as it is an extension of an existing one; by long-pressing—or, on a computer, hovering—over the “like” button, users can now access five additional animated emoji with which to express themselves. Each emotive icon is named for the reaction it’s meant to convey. “Like” you already know—say hello to “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry”.

I like this new feature. I’m not an avid Facebooker but, when friends and family posted something of interest, I like to acknowledge it. But sometimes those posts don’t feel as if the “Like” is appropriate. These new emojis will help extend the range of expressible emotions on Facebook.