Reverse engineering the date for WWDC

Wondering when WWDC will be this year? Take a look at the event list for Moscone West, the traditional home of WWDC.

Just to save you a look at your calendar, June’s Monday through Friday dates are:

  • June 6-10
  • June 13-17
  • June 20-24
  • June 27-July 1

According to the Moscone West event list, June 6-10 is booked by the Biotechnology Industry Organization and June 22-25 is booked by ISSCR 2016 Int’l. Soc. for Stem Cell Research.

That leaves June 13-17 and June 27-July 1. That second date is awful late for a WWDC, which leaves me thinking that June 13-17 is looking like a pretty safe bet.

Just my 2 cents. Don’t bet the farm on it.