Dan Frommer: Half a year later, the Apple Watch feels like a stalled platform

Dan Frommer, writing for Quartz:

Notifications, one of the early big-idea purposes of a smartwatch, are pretty reliable and, with some attention to their frequency, very useful. One night at a restaurant, when a handful of things I’d put up for sale on eBay were closing around the same time, the sensation of an arm buzz every few seconds as a new bid rolled in was an amusing delight. (Another round, garçon!)


I reply to a large portion of text messages from the watch, using customized quick responses. Tracking my exercise has helped me lose 10 pounds.

And then this:

But that’s about it. And they are pretty much the same ways I used the watch when I first got it.

I love my Apple Watch. I look at Dan’s list and think, those are all great things. If my Apple Watch only did those things, it’d be worth every penny and I’d wear it every day, just for that. But I also get turn-by-turn directions on my wrist and, if need be, I can get them without having to look at my screen.

I can get a phone call on my watch, and I can even transfer that call to my phone. I can get all sorts of notifications, including texts, email, calendar events. The latest software release, which gave developers the opportunity to build 3rd party complications, made the Apple Watch face even more valuable to me.

I don’t think of the Apple Watch as a potential replacement for my phone, I don’t feel limited that it requires a connection to my iPhone to deliver much of its functionality. The Apple Watch does plenty. It makes my iPhone better.

I do think Dan’s writeup is smart, worth reading. I just think that calling the platform “stalled” is a bit “glass half empty”. I think the Apple Watch is an amazing achievement, one that helps me every single day.