Jimmy Iovine. Stop putting him out there.

A lot has been written about Jimmy Iovine’s comments on CBS This Morning. The video of his interview is embedded below. Jimmy starts to speak about 1:37 in. Go watch, then come back.

First off, I am a fan of Jimmy’s work in music. He’s a smart person, has a fantastic sense of what works musically and really knows the music business.

But for whatever reason, he falls apart when put in front of an audience and asked to discuss technology. Back in June, Iovine went on stage as one of the WWDC presenters, and he was a nervous, stumbling wreck. He was a fish out of water, out of touch with the technology between him and the music.

This appearance on CBS This Morning added a sexist [Dave: I incorrectly used the word misogynistic, certainly a mistake on my part. Sexist is closer, I think] turn. Apple can’t keep putting him out there. Bad for Apple Music, bad for Jimmy Iovine.