I don’t want an iPad to replace my Mac

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not the iPad Pro can replace your Mac as a primary device. I think the simply answer to that question is, yes, it can. However, for me, the bigger question is do I want the iPad to replace my Mac? The answer to that question is, no.

I always see stories about people forcing themselves to use an iPad to see if it can replace their laptop or desktop computer. If you have to force yourself to substitute one device for another, then you’re not ready to make that switch. Forcing yourself and then talking about the dismal results or deficiencies or a product doesn’t help anyone.

There are a tremendous number of people out there that can use an iPad as their main computer. Those that surf the web, check email and social networks, and other touch oriented tasks where the iPad excels. There are those that can do complex tasks on iPad and use it as an everyday computer. This number is growing all the time.

I’m not suggesting the iPad isn’t powerful, because it is. The iPad Pro is more powerful than most of the PCs on the market today. What I am saying is that if you truly want an iPad to replace your Mac, it can. However, I just don’t think we are there yet.

iPad Pro pushes the envelope even further by opening up an entirely new category of users for iPad. There has never been a more powerful tablet and by bringing in creatives and professional people, iPad will grow.

I don’t believe we are ready for a single device to be our only computer. This is where I think Microsoft has fundamentally misjudged the market. They are trying to push a single device on consumers, and they don’t want it—yet.

The separate operating systems for touch-enabled devices and Macs is definitely the way to go in today’s market.

I’m very happy to have my iPads be complementary devices to my Macs. Maybe someday soon, I’ll be saying I’m happy to have my Mac as a complementary device to my iPad, but I’m not there yet. I suspect I’m not alone.

That’s not a knock on iPad, but more a simple truth of where we are with technology in 2015.

If you want an iPad to be your only computing device, then do it, it’s certainly capable. If you don’t, there is no reason to force yourself into it. Be happy with a Mac and an iPad—I am.