Searching for Bollywood on the new Apple TV

Kathy Gibson, writing for Access Bollywood digs into the process of searching for content on the new Apple TV. Though her tastes run to Bollywood content, her experience applies across the spectrum.

Though slower than using Siri, the most effective method for finding the Bollywood film you want is to skip Siri and use the Apple TV’s search function on the homescreen. Using the Apple TV remote, swipe left or right to type in the name of a movie, actor, or director. The swipeable keyboard is a pain to use; all 26 letters are in a single horizontal line, so you spend a lot of time going back and forth between each letter. Hopefully, Apple is working on a better system for typing.

Titles or names matching your search show up below the text bar. Click on a title to get more information about a specific film. The list of cast and crew that appear on the left side of the screen aren’t clickable, but the names appear again further down the page in clickable format.

And search can be even better if you follow Kirk McElhearns advice and use your old Apple TV remote, if you have one handy.

There’s more to the post. Give it a look. I have high hopes for search (and typing assistance) with future revs of tvOS.