Apple core designer Marc Newson on the Apple Watch

From the Financial Review [Paywall] interview with Marc Newson:

When asked about the relatively muted reaction to Apple’s timepieces, Newson momentarily appears frustrated. “I think people will make their own judgments,” he replies carefully. “As far as I’m aware, it’s been enormously successful however you gauge it. The point is, it’s the beginning of something. I think people, consumers or analysts, whoever, are so impatient. Everyone wants immediate, instant recognition, instant understanding.

“Look at the iPhone: it was a game-changing thing. And I believe that this product – for many, many reasons people are not aware of because they haven’t thought ahead or they just don’t know – will become a similarly game-changing thing. In five years time I have absolutely no doubt this will be right up there.”

Newson says he is “addicted” to his Apple Watch. The ability to check messages or emails on his wrist has “liberated” him from constantly checking his iPhone, while the health functions have also made a positive impact. “I exercise, probably not enough, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am more conscious of my physical wellbeing because of this than I was six months ago.”

The entire interview is an interesting read. His take on the Apple Watch clicks for me, mirrors mine. I wear my Apple Watch every day, see it as a platform on my wrist, not at all like the timepiece it replaced. I love the exercise benefits, love the various, highly tunable notifications, love the custom complications I can add to my personal watch face.

There’s so much richness to this product, it’s easy to forget that it is still first-generation hardware.

[H/T John Kordyback]