Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue talks Apple TV

CNN Money did an interview with Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue to talk about Apple TV. The interview was split into two parts.

NOTE: The linked pages are set to AutoPlay, which is why I did not embed the videos here. My two cents: AutoPlay is awful, disrespectful to your audience. Turn it off.

The first part of the interview focuses on the basics: apps and the app ecosystem, the remote, Siri, and the overall interface, with a focus on search.

The second part of the interview is a little more Eddy Cue, a little less packaged and, frankly, I found it a lot more interesting. The focus was more on the possibilities for app developers, as well as the Apple TV as an add-on, rather than a replacement to your set top box.

Fascinating question at the end:

Do you think Apple TV needs exclusive programming in order to thrive?

A party line answer from Eddy, but a great question.

Watching these videos, I definitely get the sense that Apple is all-in with the Apple TV, that this is just the beginning of something truly great.