A list of content blockers for iOS 9

Looking for the list of iOS 9 Safari content blockers? You’ve come to the right place.

As of this writing (19 Oct, 2015), we’ve added a few codes to each entry in the list to make them a bit more useful. The first code tells you whether the blocker is free or not, marked with either an F for Free, or a $, or with a number to serve as a footnote when clarification is needed.

The second code tells you if the blocker supports a user-edited whitelist, allowing the user to turn off blocking for specific sites. Blocking a site’s ads means less advertising money for the site, makes it harder for a site to stay in business. A W indicates a blocker supports whitelists, an X means the blocker does not, a number means check the footnotes.

My 2 cents: Choose an ad blocker that lets you build your own white list. Then take a few minutes to add your favorite sites to your white list.

Big thanks to Carlos Oliveira for his help in keeping this list both current and accurate.

Here’s the current list, in alphabetical order:


  1. 1Blocker only offers blocking trackers OR ads OR any given category in its free tier. Blocking multiple categories is available as an in-app purchase ($2.99). 1Blockr also whitelists ads by The Deck, by default. To block these ads, you need to add a custom rule.
  2. Ad-Blocker for Safari free tier blocks ads by default. Blocking ‘Tracking Scripts’ and ‘Clickbait’ requires additional in-app purchases, individually ($0.99/each) or collectively (Ad-Blocker PRO, $1.99).
  3. Ad Control has limited whitelisting capabilities, allowing only 1 ad/day/favorited site.
  4. Vivio AdBlocker ‘General ad blocking’ and ‘Privacy protection’ (trackers) by default in free tier. Regional rules available as in-app purchase ($2.99).
  5. WebWipes offers ‘Banner Ads Cleaner’ in its free tier. Other blocking rules (‘Text Ads Cleaner’, ‘Tracker Cookies Remover’ and ‘Click Baits Cleaner’) available as in-app purchases, individually ($0.99/each) or collectively (‘All WebWipes’, $2.99).
  6. Chop has a whitelist functionally available in the Pro version as an IAP ($0.99).
  7. Crystal Whitelisting will be added in the next update. Will also offer an option for ‘Acceptable Ads’.
  8. Flare blocks ads selectively. It does not block Deck ads, for example. If you spot bad ads getting through, tap the in-app contact button to report it.