Ad blocking will push publishers to Apple News

This quote is from a post from early yesterday:

Is Apple building a news funnel where all payment for web content flows through their coffers? Will Apple steer paid ads through Apple’s mobile advertising platform, iAd?

And this is from the Wall Street Journal:

For Apple, blocking ads could be popular with many consumers, because it will enable mobile web pages to load faster and remove annoying clutter.

The move might also serve to benefit the company’s forthcoming Apple News application, some industry observers say. The app will host articles from major news publishers and also will come bundled with iOS 9. The blocking of ads in Safari mobile browsers may force publishers to put more emphasis on distributing content through apps, including their own as well as perhaps Apple’s.

One publishing executive noted the “dichotomy” between Apple’s rollout of ad-blocking and the News app, which is ad-supported. Apple will get a cut of the ad revenue when it sells ads in the app.

Several publishers, including The New York Times, The Atlantic, Daily Mail and Time Inc., have agreed to distribute content on Apple News.

Remember music before iTunes? Chaos into order, with a more predictable cut for musicians, more power to package your own product, get it into the store without the middle person. In embracing this arguably better model, we have trusted Apple as the keeper of music.

This same move seems to be coming for content publishing and its accompanying ads. The ability for users to cut ads out of the stream is one thing, but to use that power to steer content publishers to a single platform truly makes me uneasy.

Is that what’s happening here? Is Apple giving users the switch so they can turn off the traditional access to advertising? Will Apple then step in and offer the News app as a white knight to save the day for bloggers who need ads to keep the lights on?

Am I wrong to feel a bit nervous about this coming wrinkle?