Remember that ridiculous weight loss goal I had?

When I first wrote my review of Apple Watch and follow-up in June, I had lost 40 pounds. I noted that I still had a little way to go to reach a goal I had set about 11 months ago—today, I made it.

As of this morning I lost 47.1 pounds. It was a ridiculous goal that I never thought I’d get to, but here I am. The only reason I set a goal was because the apps I was using wanted a number—any number—so I chose a nice even number and kept using it.

I thought I may lose a few pounds using HealthKit and Apple Watch, but with almost 50 pounds shed from my body, I’m still going. Doctors say my ideal weight is 10 pounds less than I am now. That is my new goal, but I’m going to tackle that the same way I lost the initial weight—slow and steady.

I’m still walking, lifting weights, and watching what I eat. I still drink beer and enjoy food, but thanks to Apple Watch and HealthKit, I’m more aware of what’s happening with my body.

Apple Watch and HealthKit have truly changed my life.