Using Siri to control Apple Music

Knowing how to use Siri to control Apple Music will really enhance your Apple Music experience, especially if you own an Apple Watch.

At its best, you can use Siri to start music by artist/track/playlist/genre/era. You can pause/resume your music. You can ask Siri about the music that’s currently playing and even tell Siri to “like this track”. Clearly, there’s a lot Siri can do.

But there are any number of holes in the mix. My biggest gripe is Siri’s seeming ignorance about Beats 1. I listen to Beats 1 a lot and Siri seems completely oblivious to it. If I am playing something from a playlist, I can ask Siri “who is this?” and she will tell me. But if I say “who is this” while Beats 1 is playing, Siri will treat this as a Shazam request, going into listening mode.

Clearly, Beats 1 has not yet been integrated. No worries, I know this is version 1.0.

Siri is at her most effective when you know what you can ask her. As far as I know, there is no single repository that lays out all of Siri’s Apple Music commands. Obviously, this is partly due to the fact that Siri’s vocabulary is constantly expanding.

Here are a few posts that do their best to lay out the rules of using Siri with Apple Music. There’s some overlap here, but I found each one brought something unique to the table.

Obviously, there are other lists out there. Please do post anything I’ve missed in the comments, especially if there are some secret commands that will make the Siri Apple Music experience better.