Where to go for computer tech support

Consumer Reports:

If you want an army of geeks you can count on to tame an unruly computer, you’d better buy a Macintosh: Apple tech support is by far the most effective of any computer brand’s. With most Windows PCs, there’s only a 50-50 chance that a manufacturer’s tech support will do the trick.

It’s no surprise that Apple had the highest score for overall user satisfaction. In fact, the company has been top-rated every year since we first asked consumers about tech support back in 2007—even though Apple provides just 90 days of free phone and online tech support, compared with one year for most Windows PC companies.

If you’ve been around for any length of time, it’s easy to find/tell horror stories about poor Apple tech support but, at least in the past ten years, my experience with them, whether online, on the phone or in the Apple Stores, has been uniformly positive. I used to work in tech support and it’s a thankless, hard job. But Apple doesn’t treat it as a profit centre like so many other companies do. Apple recognizes that it is an integral part of the company’s success.