Apple Watch bands: Color has weight

This is simply crazy. Matt Gemmell was tweeting about the weight of the Apple Watch (using data from this spreadsheet, compiled from Apple’s web site), when this line caught my eye:

Sport strap adds another 37-51g.

Hold on. That’s a pretty big spread. Don’t all of the sport straps weigh the same? Or, perhaps all straps for 38mm sport models should weigh the same and the same for straps for 42mm sport models. Obvious, right?

Well, as it turns out, the various color straps do have different weights.

White band for 38mm Sport weighs 47g.
Blue band for 38mm Sport weighs 44g.
Green is 43g.
Pink is 42g.
Black is 37g.

Here are the numbers for the 42mm Sport:

White = 51g.
Blue = 48g.
Green = 48g.
Pink = 46g.
Black is 40g.

There is about a 4g difference between the 38mm and 42mm bands. Some show as 3g, but I assume this is a rounding issue.

The cool thing is, when it comes to Apple Watch Sport bands, color has weight. Or at least whatever substance gives the watch band its color has weight.

Want to check the numbers yourself? Go here and click on a model, then scroll down to see the specs.