The Impossibility domain name generator

Have you ever had the need to come up with a new domain name? When I’m wearing my startup hat, this need strikes often. And though it might seem frivolous, the Impossibility domain name generator is a real boon to creativity.

Impossibility has you provide the core word you want in your new domain name, then give it a focus by specifying it as either an adjective, verb, noun, or wild card. It then spits out a series of available domains, providing links to Go Daddy, Namecheap, and Company Name as registrars, though you can, of course, just take the name to your registrar of choice.

The key here is the word “available”. Impossibility does prune the tree of possibility, limiting you to a set of algorithmic choices, but all of its suggestions are available, which will save you the time of coming up with a list of candidates, looking them up, only to find that they are already taken.

Definitely worth a look.