Apple’s response to Camel Audio buyout rumors

Rumors have been swirling since late last night that Apple acquired Instrument and effect plug-in maker, Camel Audio. I contacted Apple today to see whether or not the rumors were true.

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” an Apple representative said.

This is Apple’s typical response when they do purchase a company, so it makes sense that Apple did buy Camel. The other evidence that’s been discovered by MacRumors is pretty convincing, as well.

Camel Audio’s address has been updated to 100 New Bridge Street, which is Apple’s London address, and the company’s sole director is now listed as Apple lawyer Heather Joy Morrison…

Camel Audio closed down on January 8, 2015, which also contributed to the speculation that the popular company had been sold.

Personally, I think it’s a good move by Apple.