Apple Founder Ron Wayne puts proof of original Apple I manual, other items, up for auction

Certainly the least known of the three original founders of Apple, Ron Wayne is putting his own proof sheets from the original Apple I manual up for auction, along with some other early Apple drawings. From an interview Wayne did with ComputerWorld:

In 1976, when that contract was drawn up, it boasted three signatures: Wozniak’s, Wayne’s and Jobs’. Wayne, then 41 and thus the elder statesman of the trio, was instrumental in the founding of Apple. He had been recruited by Jobs to convince Wozniak to launch the partnership. For his part, Wayne was offered a 10% share in the new company, Apple Computers.

Wayne relinquished his part of the deal just days later, receiving $800 for his shares. He bowed out in part because of past business venture failures as well as the fact that all the partners were personally liable for any debts the new company might accrue.

“No, I don’t regret the decision,” Wayne said Monday. “My passion was not computers. I had put my two cents in and was glad to help.”

Here’s a link to the auction page.