Mac, iOS developer debuts at no. 5 on Billboard’s comedy charts

James Dempsey is just a regular guy, a Mac and iOS developer who worked at Apple for about 15 years, toiling away on OS X releases Leopard through Lion, the Cocoa frameworks team, and Aperture.

Dempsey is also a songwriter, writing songs with a focus on development, with titles such as Model View Controller and Gonna Needa Pasteboard. Back in 2001, James got the chance to perform a song at WWDC that was received well enough that a yearly tradition was born. His band, James Dempsey and the Breakpoints has been spooning out these developer novelty songs ever since.

And now the band has hit the big time, debuting at number 5 on the Billboard Comedy Chart. That’s no small thing. That’s one spot below Patton Oswalt but several notches above Sarah Silverman and Louis C. K. Not bad for a Mac and iOS developer.

Here’s a link to the album, called Backtrace. Congratulations all around.