The evolution of Apple ads

Yesterday, I was digging through an old pile of papers, when I came across some old Apple Newton marketing material. One of the items was a large format, two sided poster pre-announcing the Newton. Really brought back some memories. Back in 1993 (I think), I spent a week at Apple in what was called a “tech kitchen”, learning the ins and outs of NewtonScript. Part of the swag I got was the poster.

There’s no really easy way to bring the poster to life on-line, and I have not yet found this particular poster on any web site. But in my wanderings, I did come across this page, an incredibly detailed collection of Apple ads.

Oh, and if I do figure out a nice way of bringing that Newton poster on line, I’ll be sure to link to it. The best suggestion at the moment is to take a picture of it. Worst case, I’ll do that, though I’d really like to find a big scanner to really do it justice.