Siri, name that tune

One of my favorite additions that came with iOS 8 is Siri’s ability to pick out a tune. This is, presumably, a direct result of Apple’s new deal with Shazam.

To try it, press and hold the home button and say “Name that tune”. Siri will listen and will attempt to name the song you have playing. If the song is available in the iTunes Store, Siri will name the song and put up a “buy” button.

iOS 8 added a new feature called “Hey Siri”. If you are connected to power and have this feature turned on (Settings > General > Siri), your phone will go into a constant listening mode (which drains the battery, thus the requirement for power). If you say the magic words, “Hey Siri”, Siri will come to the foreground, ready for your command.

I played name that tune with Siri many, many times. If the song was carried in the iTunes Store, Siri got it right, 100% of the time. If the song was not available (very hard to find those, amazing how complete Apple’s catalog has gotten), Siri did not recognize it. Could be coincidence, not certain.