The mystery of Apple Watch’s battery life

New York Times blogger Brian X. Chen asked Tim Cook about the Apple Watch and battery life. Tim’s reply:

“I don’t think we skipped over it. I addressed it in the presentation myself. We think that based on our experience of wearing these that the usage of them will be really significant throughout the day. So we think you’ll want to charge them every night, similar to what a lot of people do with their phone.”

As I said in last week’s piece on the Apple Watch:

Charging is done via induction and requires a special cable. If life between charges is long enough (say, at least 24 hours), that shouldn’t be an issue. No doubt, someone will create a brick capable of charging both your phone and watch about the size of existing iPhone/iPad charging bricks. Keep one in your backpack or your pocket and you’ll always have a charging solution.

Charging at night seems about right. I don’t think it is reasonable to have the same expectation for Apple Watch battery life as I do for my wristwatch. This is a new type of device, more functionally aligned with my phone than with my simple watch.

Charging my Watch at night is no different to me than charging my computer or my iPhone. There is the added strain on the power grid that this brings, but that’s a different story altogether.