Actual size of iPhone 6, 6 Plus versus iPhone 5

Ever since the announcement, I’ve been wrestling with which new iPhone to buy. I’m at the end of my existing contract, and I’ve already got the funds set aside. The question is purely one of size. I dug through Apple’s site, trying to find an image comparing the iPhone 5 to the newer models.

The main iPhone 6 page does a nice job of comparing the two new phones, but doesn’t really give you a true sense of how they’d feel compared to my existing iPhone 5 experience.

The compare page does put all the phones next to each other, but it stacks them, hiding the width of each model. And the full width pictures further down the page are scaled, so they are not actual size.

So I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed the phone drawings from the compare page and popped into Photoshop, scaling them and sketching them closer together, until I ended up with an image that showed the 6 Plus, the 6, and the 5, all actual size and nicely adjacent. There’s no overlap, so you can print the page, then cut out each phone, see if it fits in your favorite pocket.

Here’s a link to the image.

Be sure to view it at 100% (for obvious reasons) and make sure your printer does not scale the image when it prints. Feel free to use this image as you like, consider it as public domain as it can be, given that it was created from images from Apple’s site.

UPDATE: David Harrison points out Apple iPhone 6 display page, another very useful page for comparing your existing experience with that of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Scroll about halfway down the page and pick two iPhone models to compare.