Apple/U2 album giveaway leads to “the biggest album launch ever”

If you watched Apple’s event on Tuesday, you no doubt heard that Tim Cook gave away U2’s newest album to about 500 million iTunes users. Three days after the release, Interscope Records said the release is “the biggest album launch ever.”

Of course that makes sense with so many people getting the album for free. However, older albums have also seen significant sales, as well.

“After delivering the new album for free to over half a billion iTunes customers, U2 also saw an unprecedented number of its previous releases enter the iTunes US album chart,” according to Interscope. “As of Thursday afternoon, 24 of the bands titles had charted on the top 200 of the chart, and the U218 Singles Collection had reached top 10 in 46 countries.”

It was a good day for Apple, but it looks like it turned out okay for U2 as well.