Google woos select developers with Startup Launch

Google has created a new, invitation-only program that gives selected developers access to:

• Mentorship from our Google Developer Experts and Developer Relations
• Exclusive invitation to networking events
• Access to free training, startup bootcamps and resources
• Featuring in our spotlight section

I think this is an interesting idea. On the plus side, if you are selected by Google, sounds like they will take you inside, help guide you to ensure your success. On the down side, sounds like cherry-picking. Rather than make that technology available to everyone, they only give that true support to the devs doing something that fits their model of innovation.

Not sure if there is a parallel on the Apple side. In my experience, Apple tends toward the egalitarian. Join the developer program, you get access to the same resources as everyone else. Certainly, there are those apps that are highlighted by Apple in commercials or on stage at various events, and I suspect those folks do receive assistance as needed to make sure they are ready for the big stage.

The question is, is does Apple have a developer mentoring component? Should they?