iPhone 5s the best selling smartphone in the world

Apple’s iPhone 5s remains the world’s top selling smartphone as of May 2014, according to new data released on Monday by Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

Counterpoint notes that while many in the industry expected the Samsung Galaxy S5 to take over the top spot, it is “still a quite distant number two in terms of (sell through) unit sales,” to the iPhone 5s. The Galaxy S4, Note 3, iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s round out the top six smartphones in the survey.

Counterpoint’s survey was done across 35 countries.

I am kind of surprised that Apple’s iPhone 5c finished in the No. 5 position in the survey—I would have expected it to finish higher. Perhaps the features over the iPhone 5s were compelling enough for people to purchase the higher-end model. It certainly doesn’t appear Apple’s overall iPhone sales are suffering, so there’s no need to dwell on it.